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I'm looking for anyone who is interested in upgrading/reviving the Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies HQ Torrent Project.

The project involves collecting a lot of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons, specials and movies from any formats:

Streaming Services (Boomerang, HBO Max)
Blu-Rays (Platinum Collection)
DVD (Stars of Space Jam, Golden Collection, Super Stars, I Love Tweety, Parodies Collection)
Laser Disc (Stars of Space Jam, Bugs and Friends, Other Looney Tunes Laser Discs)
VHS (The Looney Tunes Video Show, Looney Tunes: The Collector's Edition, etc.)
Web Rips (Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.)

I also to have happen to stumble upon some LT&MM Cartoons that were recorded from the Boomerang Streaming Service:

If anyone is familiar with this project, please let me know.

I can be contacted on Discord (LooneyTunerIan#7968) or right here through PM.
Br_17  agradeceram
Hi @LTIan2020, you are welcome. :sunglasses:

Some time ago I started to collect all the LT cartoons I can, but I believe you should have all the shorts that I have found till now. But if you wanna check them even so, just let me know. My plan was to start a project that will include all, yes, I said ALL the more than 1000 shorts that were made, and arrange them by cronological order, splitting the show by decades.

If you will do something like this, I can support you in all the ways I can. The only problem is that I have not started yet to organize all the folders from the show. But ask me if you need something.

Ah, and sorry for my poor english! :flushed:

Good luck :wink:

EDIT: Just to be sure that you already know, in this forum it is not allowed to share torrents, just file hosters like Mega, 1fichier, and so on.

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